Jews for Palestinian Right of Return Update


Since it was publicly launched three days ago, the JFPROR statement has been met with remarkable enthusiasm. Individual responses have included the following:

Ali Abunimah (Electronic Intifada): “Beautiful!”

Mezna Qato (US Palestinian Community Network): “Absolutely beautiful.”

Dr. Ghada Karmi, M.D.: “An excellent statement which gets at the heart of the Palestinian cause. All people of conscience must sign it.”

Max Blumenthal: “I was proud to join so many outstanding people in signing.”

Stuart Bramhall (Daily Censored): “Profoundly moving.”

Eric Carwardine (Australia): “To see both the Right of Return and the single-state concept combined in the same policy is truly inspiring.”

Beyond the 40 initial signers, the statement has been embraced by 400 endorsers of various ethnicities, religions and/or nationalities. Notably, these additional endorsers include the people and organizations below.*

Adam Horowitz’s posting of the statement on Mondoweiss has generated extensive debate. It is also online at Al Awda NY, Electronic Intifada, Sabbah Report, Twitter, Topsy,, IMEU,, Independent Australian Jewish Voices, and Anti-Imperialista.

More than 700 people have joined the Facebook Event page, and the JFPROR website has had more than 1300 hits.

To help escalate this momentum, please:

1. Share the statement as shown at on your website, Facebook page, Twitter, etc.

2. Ask media and others to do the same.


*Additional Signers and Endorsers (Partial List: Full list periodically updated at:

Stephen Aberle, Vancouver, BC, Independent Jewish Voices

Deborah Agre, Berkeley, CA, USA, Middle East Children’s Alliance

Ruth Bader, Australia, German-Jewish/Australian, daughter of Holocaust survivors

Ronnie Barkan, Tel-Aviv, Boycott from Within

Nora Barrows-Friedman, Journalist

Dalit Baum, Israeli feminist teacher and activist

Nancy J. Bell, Rossville, GA, United States Student Ambassador for Peace to Israel (1978)

Medea Benjamin, Codirector, Codepink

Mark Berman, Playwright

Rima Berns-McGown, Toronto, Writer and Adjunct Faculty, University of Toronto at Mississauga

Elizabeth Block, Toronto, Independent Jewish Voices

Audrey Bomse, National Lawyers Guild, Free Gaza

Dennis Brasky, Profesor – Political Science – Rutgers University

Dr. Clint Le Bruyns, Director & Senior Lecturer of Theology & Development Programme, University of KwaZulu-Natal

Estee Chandler, Founding Member, Jewish Voice for Peace, L.A. Chapter

Prof. Roger Dittmann, CSU Fullerton

Mark Elf, Jews sans frontieres

Nada Elia, Seattle WA, Professor, Antioch University

Prof. Sam Farber, NYC

Gary Fields, Associate Professor, UCSD

Alexei Folger, Jewish Voice for Peace, Bay Area

Maxine Fookson, Portland, Oregon, Jewish Voice for Peace

Richard Forer, Author of Breakthrough: Transforming Fear Into Compassion –
A New Perspective on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Cynthia Franklin, Professor of English, Univ. of Hawaii

Racheli Gai, Tucson Women in Black, Jewish Voice for Peace

Kamran Ghasri, Israel Divestment Campaign

Dr. Terri Ginsberg, NYC; film scholar; Committee for Open Discussion of Zionism

Neta Golan, Palestinian Territories, ISM

Nathan Goldbaum, ISO, Caucus of Rank-and-File Educators, Chicago Teachers Union

Steve Goldfield, Ph.D., Oakland, CA, Former chair, Palestine Solidarity Committee, former editor, Palestine Focus

Jean R. Goldman, Miami Beach, Women in Black

Sue Goldstein, Toronto, Women in Solidarity with Palestine

Marty Goodman, NYC, Former Executive Board member, Transport Workers Union Local 100

Cathy Gulkin, Toronto, Independent Jewish Voices, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid

Georges Gumpel, Union Juive Française pour la Paix

Freda Guttman, Montreal, Tadamon!

Abe Hayeem, Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine (U.K.)

Annette Herskovits, Berkeley, Holocaust survivor, writer, and activist

Rebecca Hom, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network-U.S.

Bec Hynek, Sydney, Australia, Socialist Alternative
Jews Opposing Zionism, Not In Our Name – NION (Canada)

Riva Joffe, London, Jews Against Zionism

Ramsey Judah, Los Angeles activist and Immigration Rights Attorney

Alex Kane, Assistant Editor, and World editor, AlterNet

Dan Kaplan, Executive Secretary, AFT Local 1493, San Mateo, CA Community College Federation of Teachers

Asaf Kedar, Zochrot

Alice Diane Kisch, Emerryville, CA, Jewish Voice for Peace

Ghada Karmi, UK Research Fellow, University of Exeter

Steve Kowit, American poet, Professor emeritus, Southwestern College
L.A. Jews for Peace

Labor for Palestine

Melanie Lazarow, University of Melbourne

Howard Lenow, Sudbury, MA, Union Attorney, Founder American Jews For A Just Peace

Leah Levane, London, Jews for Justice for Palestinians

Brenda Lewis, Guelph, Ontario, child of Holocaust survivor

Abby Lippman, Montreal, Professor Emerita, McGill University

Jennifer Loewenstein, Madison

Henry Lowi, IDF veteran

Alex Lubin, Professor, American University of Beirut

Helga Mankovitz, Kingston, ON, Independent Jewish Voices

Richard Marcuse, West Vancouver, BC, Independent Jewish Voices

Waldo Mermelstein, Sao Paulo

Gail Miller, NY, Passenger, U. S. Boat to Gaza–The Audacity of Hope

Mirna Miranda, U.S. Campaign to End Israeli Occupation

New York City Labor Against the War

Prof. Hilton Obenzinger

Akiva Orr, Matzpen

Kevin Ovenden, London, Palestine solidarity activist, Respect Party

Peter Rachleff, Saint Paul, Professor of History, Macalester College

Fanny-Michaela Reisin, Jewish Voice for a Just Peace – EJJP Germany

Professor Jonathan Rosenhead, Chair, British Committee for the Universities of Palestine

Martha Roth, Vancouver BC, Independent Jewish Voices

Cheyl A. Rubenberg, Boca Raton, Professor (retired)

Sara Saba, Esq., Princeton, NJ Attorney and Human Rights Activist

Margot Salom, Brisbane Australia, Just Peace for Palestine

Gabriel M Schivone, Tucson, Ad Hoc Steering Committee member, National
Students for Justice in Palestine

Angelika Schneider, German Branch Fellowship of Reconciliation

Christiane Schomblond, Brussels, Belgium, professor retired from University of Brussels

Ralph Schoenman, Vallejo, CA., Author: Hidden History of Zionism

Yossi Schwartz, Haifa, Internationalist Socialist League

Scientists Without Borders

Amanda Sebestyen, IJAN UK, JfJfP, JBIG, IJV

Sid Shniad, Vancouver, BC, National Steering Committee, Independent Jewish Voices

Mya Shone, Author, The Hidden History of Zionism and other works

Abba A. Solomon, Author of The Speech, and Its Context

Sonoma Valley Peace & Justice

Peter Sporn, Oak Park, Illinois, Arab Jewish Partnership for Peace and Justice in the Middle East

Marsha Steinberg, BDS LA for Justice in Palestine

Cy & Lois Swartz, Philadelphia, Grandparents for Peace in the Middle East

Prof. Barry Trachtenberg

Matthew Taylor, Berkeley, founding member, Young Jewish and Proud group
within Jewish Voice for Peace

USACBI: US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel

Dominique Ventre, French Jewish Union for Peace; International Jewish Anti-
Zionist Network France

Viva Palestina Australia

Stuart Ward, Chairperson, Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) Thailand

Judith Weisman, Toronto, Independent Jewish Voices, Not in Our Name

Suzanne Weiss, Toronto

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, Founder member, Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods

Bekah Wolf, Co-Founder, Palestine Solidarity Project

Tamar Yaron, Kibbutz Hazorea, Israel, founder & moderator: Encounter-EMEM for international Israel-Palestine peace activities

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